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Website News

23/04/11 - Website Update: The download section have been improved and my admin tools have been upgraded so I can now unhide replay informations without giving access to download links - Quite necessary for some cases, you'll probably agree.

It has been four months since I last updated the website. Many contents planed are on hold because I don't have enough time to take care about it right now. Right as the new year started, i had to give the game and the website a break...

But worry not - I'm not done with my project. I still plan to update up to at least version 1.1E (current version is 1.1C) Even though I don't have enough free time right now, I do not wish to close the project until finished. Many custom volcanoes and website updates are yet to come.

If you are desperate for new content, It's not like I'm coming here with empty hands, I actually have created another environment out of my custom volcano engine: The Chaos Volcano (Beta) - put this file on your 'volcanoes' folder and load it using the BlitzProg volcanoes option : have fun!

Thanks your for your patience.


23/12 - Game Update: The version 1.1C of the game has been released! Go to the download section to download it!

NOTE: it will take some time before the new replay system get supported by my website. I really need a break... actually i have to study first. But making new volcanoes shouldn\t take as long.

Additionnal messages: I'm sure you will find a lot of glitches in the custom volcanoes... such as the seismograph that is missing. I will try to upload additionnal patches as soon as I can. Thanks you for your patience.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the game versions are now patched. If you downloaded the game before seeing this message, please download again - the previous replays made with the unpatched version will NOT be valid! Fixed the seismograph glitch, Turned debug off.

09/12 - Website Update: Sending replays is now possible, replays can also now be approved again! The "hide" feature is also available if you are sending a bug report or a 5000 points achievement. To send a replay, go to the hall of fame, and select "send replay" in the menu.

you will also notice it is now possible to navigate through the different pages from a particular table if there is more than 20 replays in the one you selected.

Have fun!

05/12 - Website Update: Early December Update - With the December month, the website is taking a fresh update. the database has been upgraded to not only show more informations but to also allow better upgrades in the future.

Note: It is still not possible to send replays yet while I work on the new sending and approval engine. You may still browse existing replays and click on any entry for a pop-up detail window. It will be available shortly.

October update: Version 1.1B is out! The download link was updated.
Website Update: 1.1B replays can now be approved. It should take a few days before the existing ones all receive a comment. Thanks you for your patience!

September update: The game has been updated to version 1.1! The download link was updated. The engine upgrade will probably allow more computers to run this game at normal speed.
Website update now allow a way better replay handling in various ways, you now even get an overall rank for your replay.

If you have played a bit, you may now also visit this page to get clues about getting items and instructions about getting a better SDI class.