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Miner Disturbance Hyper Volcano Remake : Download page

IMPORTANT NOTES - PLEASE READ : This game is a Window Executable (.exe) application. It is NOT related to java in anyway. It also doesn't require you to be connected to internet to play and will not require any account registration to save data. This is NOT a game mod and do not share any software requirement with any Jagex Product; as such, please only contact me if you have trouble running this game. Thanks you.

Below is the brief summary of MDHV releases.
Current version: 1.1C - Download here
Engine Update
Content Update
1.0March 2010Stable engine releaseHyper volcano lite
1.1Sept. 2010Frameskip engineAchievement system
1.1BNov. 2010Replay handling improvementHard mode
1.1CDec. 2010Custom Volcano engine BetaCustom volcanoes support
1.2 - Engine V2Hyper volcano lite 2

Below is the current list of custom volcanoes you may download and add to the game.
Normal CloneA volcano that looks like Jagex F2P volcanoesDownload
Chaos VolcanoMany annoyances put together in a blender...Download
StrongholdA "storehouse" of Papillo. Not what you'd expect.Download
TreaUNsureErupting volcano made tidy by Papillo.Download
RainbowPapillo colors 20% Cooler than Nyan Cat.Download

Reminder: To play a volcano you have downloaded, move the file inside your "volcanoes" folder, then launch the game (quit the game first if already running)(Requires version 1.1C or higher)